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  • Spring 2017

    We hear a lot about innovation, but what does it really mean in a school context? What does innovation look like in independent schools? What should it look like? Why is it important today? What are the caveats? What is the mindset, the rationale, the practice that leads to innovation? How can schools develop and cultivate a culture of innovation? What role can other industries play in helping schools innovate? From curriculum to teaching…

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  • Winter 2017

    So this is it — my last issue as editor of Independent School. I started working for NAIS back in 1993 and took over as editor of the magazine three years later when then-editor (and still-friend) Catherine O’Neill Grace left to pursue other interests. It was never my intention to stay for 23 years. My professional experiences to that point were basically four years and out. But as I sat down with the staff and editorial…

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  • Fall 2016

    I have only served on one nonprofit board — and that was for an organization that lasted a decade. It was successful in its primary goal, but its focus was fairly narrow and, after a time, we decided to shut it down. So I can’t pretend to be any sort of expert on organizational governance. I even struggle to govern my own life. I know the basic outline: eat well, sleep well, exercise, be kind, stay connected, read, and work…

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